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One of the benefits of a small school district is that we can immerse ourselves in our community of learners. Get to know the movers and shakers in the North Cedar Community School District! Our News page is chock full of student and staff praise, helpful tips, and information about what’s new in the district.

Congratulations to Mrs. Alyssa Walker
Mrs. Alyssa Walker receives the second ARMOR award

Mrs. Alyssa Walker is the recipient of the second ARMOR award. The ARMOR award goes to amazing, respectful, motivated, outstanding, and remarkable staff in the North Cedar Community School District.

Kimberly Potter nominated Alyssa Walker. “Mrs. Walker always goes above and beyond for her students. She is their number one advocate and won’t stop until they get what they need. Mrs. Walker makes all her students feel they matter and deserves to succeed. If that is providing flexible seating in the classroom, using different ways to communicate with the parents on what is going on in the classroom or concerns she may have, she also takes the time out of her personal life to show up at activities her students have going on outside of school. She is really remarkable and North Cedar is lucky to have her at our school."

Presenting the award to Mrs. Walker was Board President Shannon Walshire and Superintendent Mark Dohmen. ??On behalf of the North Cedar Community School District, thank you Mrs. Walker for everything you do for the students and North Cedar!

North Cedar Kids Basketball Camp

North Cedar is holding a fundamental kids basketball camp for boys and girls going into 4th–8th grade. The camp is June 10–11. The camp will run from 8:00 am to 12:30 p.m., with doors opening at 7:30 a.m. daily. The cost is $50 and includes youth customized basketballs, quality instruction, participation in fundamentals, drills, contests, and scrimmage games. 

For more information, or to sign-up to participate, please view our kids' basketball camp sign-up. Please direct any questions to Robert Helgerson via email or via phone (563) 422.0147.

Measles Case

A case of measles has been reported in Iowa. This is the first case in our state since 2011, and it is a good reminder to make sure that your family’s vaccines are up-to-date. The measles vaccine is highly effective (the patient with measles was not vaccinated), and all school-aged children should have two MMR doses by the time they start kindergarten.

If we identify a case of measles in our school, public health officials will require all unvaccinated students and staff to remain at home until 21 days after their last possible exposure to measles. Please make sure you protect your family. Vaccines save lives.

For more information on measles, please visit the Iowa Department of Public Health website, contact your local Health Department, and view our measles information sheet

Fifth Grade Chemistry Experiment

Fifth grade ELP students recently practiced the chemistry behind culinary spherification, which is the process of turning fruit juice into semi-solid spheres. It was a great learning experience for all!

students working on a project
PBIS Fundraiser

The elementary schools are having a PBIS fundraiser. Please review our order form and place your order by April 26. This is a great opportunity to support our school and show your school spirit!

Students Participate in Mock Interviews

Click to view more. Students and staff participate in mock interviewsOn April 3, all freshmen and personal-finance students participated in Workplace Learning Connection mock interviews. Each student rated on their evaluations that the experience was valuable and worthwhile. "I learned how important it is to be able to connect with people on a personal level and to make a good first impression," said senior Kaitlyn Thompson. Check out the photos to see our students in action!

Knight Pride Mazes
photos of mazes

On Friday, March 30 we had Knight Pride time. The Knight Pride groups talked about what a maze is, what it can look like, and the purpose of it. Students then created their own amazing mazes using math manipulatives. They started with a simple maze and kept adding to it to make it more difficult for an object to roll through it. When finished, students traveled around the room trying to solve each other’s mazes. A great time was had by all!

FBLA Leadership Conference

FBLA members pose togetherFuture Business Leaders America (FBLA) held its 73rd Annual State Leadership Conference (competition) in Coralville, Iowa on March 28, 29, and 30. North Cedar had 21 of its 22 members attend and compete. Members competed in Accounting I - Matthew Christiansen, Megan Driscoll, Toby Hollis and Jamieson Jones; Agribusiness - Amy Schroeder; Business Calculations - James Garner and Kayla Syring; Business Communications - Parker Stout; Computer Applications - Kelly Proesch; Health Care Administration - Breylee St. John and Paige Rouse; Impromptu Speaking - Gracy Procopio; Introduction to Business - Megan Driscoll; Introduction to Business Procedures - Karly Cerda; Introduction to Financial Math - Parker Stout; Job Interview - Hailey Fall; Organizational Leadership - Averee Kasik, Andrea Wachendorf and Fiona Raney; Personal Finance - Samantha Nanke; Political Science - Kelly Proesch; Securities and Investments - Ethan Muhs; Word Processing - Alyssa Barnhart; Community Service Project - Rhyan Hoefler and Breylee St. John. 

Congratulations to Breylee St. John for placing 3rd in Health Care Administration! She has been invited to compete at FBLA Nationals located in San Antonio, Texas from June 29 to July 2. Also, congratulations to Breylee St. John and Rhyan Hoefler for placing 6th in Community Service Project (Dance Marathon). They have a slight possibility of competing at nationals.

New North Cedar Girls Track Website

Our North Cedar Girls Track has created a website that they will use to upload their results. To see these results please view their new website.

In addition to their results, you will also find the girls track schedule on this website. Check it out; and don't forget to mark your calendar to come out and watch a meet!

Incredible Kids Day

Mechanicsville Elementary celebrated Incredible Kids Day with different activities in their classes. Please enjoy some photos from that day.

Click to view more Incredible Kids Day photos
Spring Fling Family Fun Night

The Mechanicsville preschoolers joined their parents for a spring fling family fun night this week! Centers were set up around the room for children to explore with their parents, giving their parents a peek into their child's preschool day. They snuggled together for story time, worked together in the science center to discover a magic blooming flower, decorated a cookie in the cooking center, measured how many flowers tall their parents were in the math center, created a flower glyph in the art center, and played a fun dice game. The preschoolers were in 'full bloom!'

A female student works on a project with her parents
First-Grade News

Click to view more photos from first graders in the classroomThe first grade has been working on making predictions by using clues in pictures and text. In math, they are learning how to subtract two-digit numbers. In science, they began a unit on pebbles, sand, and silt. They observed different rocks and discovered what happens to rocks when they rubbed them together. Please take a moment to check out the photos of learning in action!

Leprechaun Traps

The students built leprechaun traps and placed them in the classroom, excitedly waiting for a leprechaun to take the bait. When a leprechaun visited, however, not only did he evade the creative traps, but he played a funny trick on the teachers. He left some juice for the children, but when the teachers drank it, their feet turned green!

More photos of Leprauchan traps
Dan & Debbie's Creamery Field Trip

Ms. Hayes' class recently took a field trip to Dan & Debbie's Creamery. On the way back to school, they enjoyed lunch at Whitey's. What a delicious day!

Click to view more photos from Ms. Hayes' class field trip
6th Grade Learning is Fun!

Check out our 6th graders at Mechanicsville! They are having a lot of fun as they learn about the effects of weight on the distance a paper plane can fly. It is always great seeing kids have fun while learning!

Three female students prepare to fly a paper plane
Dr. Seuss's Birthday

Mrs. Kaefring's preschool class celebrated Wacky Wednesday by wearing their wackiest outfits, and then went on a scavenger hunt to find ten wacky, out of place items in their classroom. The children recorded the number of wacky items they found. Each child learned how to crack an egg, and made green eggs and ham to eat! Then the children made a graph, recording the class outcome, "Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?" Every preschooler was brave enough to try them! They discovered that most everyone would definitely eat green eggs and ham here or there and everywhere! Grandparents, moms, and dad's came to read a Dr. Seuss book on pajama day. A great way to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday!

Students pose in their Wacky Wednesday outfits
Snow Days

Please mark your calendars for our snow make-up days. They are March 11, April 8, April 18, and May 24. Please also make note that May 24 will be a 1:00 p.m. dismissal.

A Huge Congratulations!

A huge congratulations to Karly Cerda and Jacob Spahr for passing their 2016 Microsoft Office Expert Word Certification Exam. Great job!

Click to view more photos of our students passing their Microsoft certification
Knights Armor Award

North Cedar Community School District is offering a way for you to say thank you for the outstanding customer service you received.

Do you know someone in your school or department who really "gets it" when it comes to exceptional customer service? If so, we want you to recognize them for having a positive impact on students, staff, and parents. We are looking for an employee who has made a special effort on your behalf by performing outstanding service. For more information, and to nominate someone for our Knights ARMOR award, please visit our Knights Armor Award page.