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One of the benefits of a small school district is that we can immerse ourselves in our community of learners. Get to know the movers and shakers in the North Cedar Community School District! Our News page is chock full of student and staff praise, helpful tips, and information about what’s new in the district.

Future Business Leaders of America Visit the Onion Grove Mercantile

Members of North Cedar's Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) visited the Onion Grove Mercantile business in downtown Clarence to learn about the process of starting a business. Jen VanOort fielded the inquisitive members questions with ease. 

FBLA members visit with a business owner

Pictured left to right are: Jen VanOort (owner), Kelly Proesch, Fiona Raney, and Breylee St. John.

Congratulations to Sullivan Bryant

Mrs. Koch is proud to announce that Sullivan Bryant has successfully passed the Microsoft Office 2016 PowerPoint specialist exam. This gives him the right to include this certification on his resume, as it is a business industry exam (not a high school exam). Congratulations, Sullivan!

Sullivan Bryant holding his certificate
Publicity Committee

The publicity committee at North Cedar is creating a positive image promoting the North Cedar Community School District as an exceptional school district offering outstanding instruction in a safe, respectful, and motivating environment while increasing enrollment. 

We are in the process of expanding the role and responsibilities of this committee and are looking for some new members to join us. It is our goal to have a representative from each town on this committee helping us promote North Cedar. If you have an interest in joining the North Cedar publicity committee, please contact us via email.

Veterans Day Flags

At their last Knight Pride time, both elementary schools made paper chain flags to display at the Veterans Day assembly on November 9 in Clarence.

To those who served in the past, and to those serving still, we honor you today and everyday.

Veteran's Day paper chain flags
Students Excel with Microsoft Programs

Emma ClarkMrs. Koch is proud to announce that the following students have passed the following exams.

  • Microsoft Office 2016 Word Specialist Exam: Alyssa Barnhart, Sullivan Bryant, Karly Cerda, Emma Clark, Tatum Slaton, Jacob Spahr, and Kealy Taylor
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Excel Specialist Exam: Alyssa Barnhart, Sullivan Bryant, Karly Cerda, Jacob Spahr, and Kealy Taylor
  • Microsoft Office 2016 PowerPoint Specialist Exam: Karly Cerda and Jacob Spahr.

This gives all of these students the right to include this certification on their resumes, as it is a business industry exam (not just a high school exam). Congratulations, everyone!

New Exploratory

First quarter has come to an end. Each group of seventh and eighth grade students have moved on to a new exploratory. This group of eighth graders had a great experience with building bridges, solving the Rubik's cube, and designing a contraption to protect their egg during the drop. They learned about gravity and resistance. Students used problem solving skills throughout each activity and had a great time!

Students hold their projects in the classroom
Knight Pride

On October 26, Lowden Elementary had their Knight Pride groups for the month. Each group talked about the flag and about veterans, created a flag snack, and worked on creating chains to make flags. The kids had fun and worked very well together. Take a look at the photos from the day!

Halloween Fun At Lowden Elementary

Students at Lowden Elementary had tons of fun celebrating Halloween. They played games, had treats, and dressed up in amazing costumes. Thank you to all who made this a special day for our students!

Photos of Halloween at Lowden Elementary

Congratulations to Kealy Taylor

Mrs. Koch is proud to announce that Kealy Taylor has successfully passed the Microsoft Office 2016 Excel specialist exam. This gives her the right to include this certification on her resume, as it is a business industry exam (not a high school exam). Congratulations, Kealy!

student with award
Junior Achievement World

Click to view moreThanks to the North Cedar Foundation 16 seventh graders adventured to Junior Achievement World in Davenport, IA to try their hand at budgeting. Here they received a new persona. They found out whether they are single, married, single with a child or children, and married with a child or children. They learned what full-time occupation they held and if they had a spouse that had a full or part-time job as well. After learning their net monthly income, they learn more about the regular expenses that adults have to budget for every month. Then with a basic calculator at hand, they work on their monthly budget. After several tries of balancing their budget so that they can live within their means, they go out into the fake stores/businesses and live their budget. All of this is contained within the building. Once they are done, a print out will tell them if they were successful or not. Even though students spend the majority of their time doing math on the field trip, they will ask, "Can we do it again?" Mrs. Koch, 7th grade business instructor, wants to thank Tracy Schroeder for volunteering as an assistant instructor on the field trip and thank the North Cedar Foundation for making this project based field trip possible and helping to create a lasting educational experience for our students. 

    North Cedar Wrestling Club Sign Ups

    Are you interested in wrestling? It's time to sign up for North Cedar Wrestling Club. The cost is $40, and includes a t-shirt and the use of a Knights Singlet for tournaments.

    Practices start November 13, from 6:00 to 7:45 p.m. If you are interested or need some more information, please check out our flyer.

    FFA National Convention

    Our FFA Club went to the national convention in Indianapolis. While there, they visited the NCAA Hall of Champions, convention, and attended the Garth Brooks concert. They enjoyed Trader's Point Creamery along with ice cream and yogurt right off the farm.

    Three smiling convention attendees

    FBLA Visits Prairie Hills Assistive Living Center

    View more photos of the visit to Prairie Hills Assistive Living CenterNorth Cedar’s FBLA recently visited the Prairie Hills Assistive Living Center, fulfilling a contribution request. FBLA sends out fundraiser letters to area businesses asking for monetary help, which assists members in the cost of conference and competitions. In return, the letter asks businesses what NC FBLA can do for them. Prairie Hills requested members to spend time with their residence during activity time. Much to a heartwarming surprise to their advisor, Mrs. Koch, nine members volunteered Monday! They loved their time visiting with the residence, doing crafts, painting ladies’ nails, and attempting to provide music. A couple members networked with Prairie Hills Life Enrichment Coordinator, Andrea Williams, and discussed how they could possibly continue this service as they were thinking of doing the community service competition event. FBLA would like to thank Prairie Hills for the enriching opportunity that they had on Monday and hopes to come back and do more for the residence!

    Congratulations Students

    Mrs. Koch is proud to announce that Alyssa Barnhart and Sullivan Bryant have successfully passed the Microsoft Office 2016 Excel Specialist Exam. This gives them the right to include this certification on their resumes as it is a business industry exam (not a high school exam). Congratulations, Alyssa and Sullivan!

    Alyssa Barnhart holding a certificateSullivan Bryant holding a certificate
    International Day

    Thirty junior high students attended International Day this year in Coralville. The University of Iowa hosts International Day. We are happy that our students were able to participate in this fun and educational event!

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    Microsoft Office Specialists

    Mrs. Koch is proud to announce that Tatum Slaton successfully passed the Microsoft Office 2016 Word Specialist exam, and Alyssa Barnhart successfully passed the Excel Specialist exam. This gives them the right to include these certifications on their resumes, as they are business industry exams (not high school exams). Congratulations, Tatum and Alyssa!

    Tatum Slaton poses with her certificateAlyssa Barnhart poses with her certificate
    Lowden PBIS Assembly

    On Friday, October 19, Lowden Elementary had their first PBIS assembly of the year! Kids in each grade received awards for showing positive behavior. Some of the teachers participated in a taste buds competition, and kids who bought pies off the cart in September were able to give them to some lucky recipients!

    Students pose together with their certificates as they stand next to a teacher
    FBLA is Growing

    Fiona Raney wrote an article about the United Fall Leadership Conference that the FBLA attended. To read the article, please view our NC FBLA is Growing article.

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    United Fall Leadership Conference

    FBLA members did a wonderful job representing North Cedar at the recent United Fall Leadership Conference. Way to go, FBLA!

    Group of twelve smiling FBLA members
    Football Players Serve Lunch

    On Friday, October 19 some of the high school football players helped serve lunch in Mechanicsville. The younger Knights really enjoyed this experience. Thank you, North Cedar High School football team!

    Three football players serving lunch
    PBIS Display

    Next time you visit the Mechanicsville Elementary, make sure to check out the PBIS display.

    PBIS display
    Food Fun for Sixth Graders

    Mrs. Crittenden's sixth grade class in Mechanicsville was very intrigued by the bagels with cream cheese, capers, smoked salmon, tomatoes, and onions we saw on a film we watched to introduce our hand-written letter unit. We decided to have some fun and sample these foods along with some Yoo-hoo for our beverage. Not everyone tried everything, but most did experience some new foods!

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      Give Shoes—Give Hope

      Hope 2 Liberia is collecting gently used shoes, boots, flip flops, sandals, heels, slippers, cleats, dance shoes, etc. For every 7,500 pair, we receive $3,000. The money will help build the Hope Academy Library in Liberia, Africa. In addition, all of the shoes we collect will go to third world countries for women to sell to support their families. 

      You may drop off your donations in the office through Friday, November 30. Please view the Give Shoes—Give Hope flyer for more details. Thank you for your support!

      Mechanicsville Students Study Sound

      First graders at Mechanicsville Elementary recently used spoon gongs to discover how sound travels from a sound source to a receiver. It was an enjoyable and educational experience for all!

      Students use cups and string to study sound
      PBIS Assembly

      Mechanicsville Elementary had their PBIS assembly on Friday, October 12. The students enjoyed watching their teachers try to figure out the food item. A fun time was had by all!

      Congratulations to Karly Cerda

      Mrs. Koch is proud to announce that Karly Cerda has successfully passed the Microsoft Office 2016 PowerPoint specialist exam. This gives her the right to include this certification on her resume, as it is a business industry exam (not a high school exam). Congratulations, Karly!

      Karly Cerda holding her certificate for the Microsoft Office 2016 PowerPoint Specialist Exam
      Lowden Fire Department

      Lowden's kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students got to ride on a fire truck! Thank you Lowden Fire Department, for helping teach fire safety.

      Students and teachers pose with firefighters in front of their truck
      Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Event

      Two students use wood to make a craftOn Tuesday, October 9, Mr. Ahouse, the new industrial technology instructor at North Cedar High School, participated in Kirkwood Community College's first annual architecture, construction, and engineering event. Three North Cedar students, Peyton Smith, Brayden Kreel, and Nathan Nabb, accompanied him. They entered three contests with multiple other Grant Wood AEA high school students. The contests were designing and building a trebuchet, carpentry skills, and plumbing skills. North Cedar won the trebuchet and plumbing skills contests, and Nathan Nabb was the only high school student to successfully complete the drilling challenge. We personally thought that Brayden Kreel won the hammer challenge also. All three of the freshmen represented the North Cedar Community School District with incredible composure, sportsmanship, and pride!

      Knights Club

      The Knights Club of North Cedar Community School District is excited to introduce a new upcoming curriculum, new staff members, and new director for the program. My name is Maria Porter, and I'm humbled and honored to be a part of this program. As the new director, my goal is to maintain a positive and safe environment. With our new curriculum, we hope to provide a structured, educational, and enjoyable atmosphere where kids can come to learn and grow. To help keep a safe and positive program, we intend to have more than one staff member on site. We are currently hiring for part-time staff, working about 15–20 hours a week.

      Congratulations Jacob Spahr

      Mrs. Koch is proud to announce that Jacob Spahr has successfully passed the Microsoft Office 2016 Excel Specialist Exam! This gives him the right to include this certification on his resume as it is a business industry exam (not a high school exam). Congratulations Jacob!

      Jacob Spahr holding his certificate for the Microsoft Office 2016 Excel Specialist Exam
      Mrs. Koch's Class Activity

      Female and male student stand near a balloon towerMrs. Koch’s personal finance class recently held a fun learning activity. In this activity, students break up into teams of two. They blindly pick an educational level to work with. There were five levels to choose from.

      1. HS Dropout: No students chose this level. - Students can only use one hand each and nonverbal communication.
      2. HS Degree: Blake and Hailey - Students could only use one hand and could talk. 
      3. College Degree: Chase and Liz - Students can use hands and only one student can talk.
      4. Associate Degree: Dragan and Kayla – Students can use hands, but all students must use nonverbal communication.
      5. Professional Degree: Sarah and Abbey – Students can use hands and talk.

      The task was to build the tallest tower out of balloons using their handicaps. Sarah Hansen and Abbey Colvin built the tallest balloon tower measuring 58" tall. The point is that the more education you have, the more job opportunities one will have available to themselves. This was a fun learning activity for the students!

        Teacher of the Week

        Congratulations to our very own North Cedar Elementary teacher, Brenda Hayes! Nominated by Joy Leeper, Ms. Hayes won teacher of the week in the 98.1 KHAK radio contest. We are very proud of you, Ms. Hayes. For more details, please feel free to check out the 98.1 KHAK announcement