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One of the benefits of a small school district is that we can immerse ourselves in our community of learners. Get to know the movers and shakers in the North Cedar Community School District! Our News page is chock full of student and staff praise, helpful tips, and information about what’s new in the district.

North Cedar Round-Up

On April 4 and 5, we will hold our preschool and kindergarten round-up for the 2019–2020 school year. Round-up will be at both Lowden and Mechanicsville Elementary buildings. Preschool round-up is on April 4 and kindergarten round-up is on April 5. For complete details, please see our preschool and kindergarten round-up newspaper.

First-Grade News

Click to view more photos from first graders in the classroomThe first grade has been working on making predictions by using clues in pictures and text. In math, they are learning how to subtract two-digit numbers. In science, they began a unit on pebbles, sand, and silt. They observed different rocks and discovered what happens to rocks when they rubbed them together. Please take a moment to check out the photos of learning in action!

Leprechaun Traps

The students built leprechaun traps and placed them in the classroom, excitedly waiting for a leprechaun to take the bait. When a leprechaun visited, however, not only did he evade the creative traps, but he played a funny trick on the teachers. He left some juice for the children, but when the teachers drank it, their feet turned green!

More photos of Leprauchan traps
The Iowa Children's Museum Celebration of the Young Child

The Iowa Children's Museum is hosting a celebration of the young child on Saturday, April 6 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Admission is free all day long, plus there will be free vision and dental screenings, door prizes, and free books for the first 200 children! Please visit The Iowa Children's Museum website for more information, and consider a trip with your child to the museum.

Dan & Debbie's Creamery Field Trip

Ms. Hayes' class recently took a field trip to Dan & Debbie's Creamery. On the way back to school, they enjoyed lunch at Whitey's. What a delicious day!

Click to view more photos from Ms. Hayes' class field trip
6th Grade Learning is Fun!

Check out our 6th graders at Mechanicsville! They are having a lot of fun as they learn about the effects of weight on the distance a paper plane can fly. It is always great seeing kids have fun while learning!

Three female students prepare to fly a paper plane
Preschool Field Trip to Indian Creek Nature Center

The Mechanicsville preschool received a grant from the Indian Creek Nature Center to visit during maple syrup season. The children were shown how to collect sap from the tree and how it is heated and turned into maple syrup. They also got to try some of the delicious maple syrup on an ice cream cone. We all agreed that was the best part of the trip!

Students and teachers prepare to collect sap from a tree using buckets
Camp Read-A-Lot

Mrs. Walker's first grade class recently traveled to Camp Read-A-Lot to escape the cold temperatures and celebrate Dr. Seuss' 115th birthday. Students read in a tent, discussed topics over the campfire, completed various tasks involving reading and math, wrote an article on how to build a campfire, and even enjoyed some s'mores (Girl Scout style) at the end of their long, hard day!

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North Cedar Knights Garden Flags

North Cedar KCO is taking orders for garden flags. Show your support for your past, present, and even future Knights by proudly displaying this flag in your yard or garden! Each flag is $20, and all orders are due by Friday, March 22. Please see our garden flag order form for more information.

PBIS Assembly

Lowden Elementary had their PBIS assembly on Friday, March 1. We awarded students for their positive behavior, teams played hula hoop games working together to try to get done first, and we pied staff members. It was a good ending to a full week of school!

more photos of PBIS assembly
Dr. Seuss's Birthday

Mrs. Kaefring's preschool class celebrated Wacky Wednesday by wearing their wackiest outfits, and then went on a scavenger hunt to find ten wacky, out of place items in their classroom. The children recorded the number of wacky items they found. Each child learned how to crack an egg, and made green eggs and ham to eat! Then the children made a graph, recording the class outcome, "Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?" Every preschooler was brave enough to try them! They discovered that most everyone would definitely eat green eggs and ham here or there and everywhere! Grandparents, moms, and dad's came to read a Dr. Seuss book on pajama day. A great way to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday!

Students pose in their Wacky Wednesday outfits
Snow Days

Please mark your calendars for our snow make-up days. They are March 11, April 8, April 18, and May 24. Please also make note that May 24 will be a 1:00 p.m. dismissal.

Mrs. Weber's Class Celebrates

Mrs. Weber's first-grade class has had a couple of busy weeks. They have celebrated the 100th day of school with some fun activities. They even learned to snowshoe! We would like to thank everyone who participated and helped make this possible. The students had a wonderful time!

more photos of Mrs. Weber's first grade class
100th Day of School Celebration at Lowden

Lowden Elementary recently celebrated the 100th day of school! Classes participated in different activities to celebrate the number 100. Our 100 sign greeted the students and staff as they came in. It was a great day at Lowden!

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Miss Sarah recently helped the Lowden first graders go snowshoeing. She does a wonderful job working with our kids, and we are grateful that she can come and teach them new things!

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A Huge Congratulations!

A huge congratulations to Karly Cerda and Jacob Spahr for passing their 2016 Microsoft Office Expert Word Certification Exam. Great job!

Click to view more photos of our students passing their Microsoft certification
Mechanicsville Elementary PBIS Assembly

Mechanicsville Elementary had a PBIS assembly on Friday, February 8. The students played a lot of games and some received pies. There was also a time for honoring the students. It was a great day!

    Click to view more photos from the Mechanicsville Elmentary PBIS assembly
    Knight Pride Groups

    On Friday, February 8, Lowden Elementary had Knight Pride groups. During that time, each group had a s'mores snack and worked together to create a recycled snowman. Below are some pictures of them working to build the snowman and enjoying their snack!

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    Third Graders Dissect Owl Pellets

    Lowden third graders recently dissected owl pellets for their science class. Once they got the bones out, they tried to identify the bones and put them together to figure out what animal the owl ate. It was a fascinating lesson for all!

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    Mechanicsville Snowmen from Recycled Materials

    Knight Pride's group project for January was to make a snowman out of anything that could be recycled. Mechanicsville's snowmen look great! 

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      Knight Pride Project

      For January's Knight Pride project, groups made snowmen out of recycled materials. Check out the ones Mrs. McIntyre's group created.

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      Knights Armor Award

      North Cedar Community School District is offering a way for you to say thank you for the outstanding customer service you received.

      Do you know someone in your school or department who really "gets it" when it comes to exceptional customer service? If so, we want you to recognize them for having a positive impact on students, staff, and parents. We are looking for an employee who has made a special effort on your behalf by performing outstanding service. For more information, and to nominate someone for our Knights ARMOR award, please visit our Knights Armor Award page.