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Lowden Elementary Bounces Into Spring

On Friday, April 7, Lowden elementary kids celebrated filling the ticket jug by having a spring fling celebration. They made a bunny bait mix for a snack, had Easter egg tower stacking challenges, played bunny tail bounce (fun with balloons), made coffee filter butterflies and pom pom caterpillars, and listened to an egg talk with Miss Sarah. They buddied up with another class to make each session more fun.

Spring Fling photos

March PBIS Winners

Lowden Elementary recently recognized the March PBIS winners who have shown respect to self, respect to others, and respect to property. 

Western Melodrama

The North Cedar’s spring play Dastardly Deeds at Yoursin Mine was performed on Saturday, April 8 and on Sunday, April 9. The play started out with a new bad guy in town, Lester Lawless, played by DJ Stull, who was running for sheriff of Chilcoot Pass. Persuading miners Byron Bolen, Shelby Slaton, Marti McAtee, and James Garner, trappers Ethan St.John and Parker Jones, and even the town mayor, James Garner, Lester Lawless got a lot of votes. If it weren’t for the heroes of the play, Homer, played by Brighton Rouse, and Ubiquitus, played by Brady Lehrman, Lester Lawless would not have became sheriff! It was a hilarious melodrama, with heroes falling in love with ladies Fanny Yoursin, played by Erica Jones and Dainty Lumpkin, played by Jasmine Doty and a dog saving the day. The audience was also able to participate in booing the villain and cheering for the heroes.

A special thank you to Toby Hollis for writing this article and to Makayla Schluter for the wonderful photos.