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One of the benefits of a small school district is that we can immerse ourselves in our community of learners. Get to know the movers and shakers in the North Cedar Community School District! Our News page is chock full of student and staff praise, helpful tips, and information about what’s new in the district.

1st Grade Easter Egg Hunt

Mechanicsville's 1st grade class recently participated in an Easter egg hunt with Sarah from the Cedar County Conservation. It was a fun-filled day for all!

More photos of 1st grade Easter Egg Hunt
Girls Track

The North Cedar track team is having a wonderful season. Please enjoy these photos of a recent meet taken by freshman yearbook student Elizabeth Lovell.

Girls Track Photos By Elizabeth Lovell

North Cedar Boys and Girls Golf

The following pictures were taken at the North Cedar Boys and Girls Golf meet at the 3/30 Club in Lowden. North Cedar’s yearbook staff took photos.

Lowden Elementary Bounces Into Spring

On Friday, April 7, Lowden elementary kids celebrated filling the ticket jug by having a spring fling celebration. They made a bunny bait mix for a snack, had Easter egg tower stacking challenges, played bunny tail bounce (fun with balloons), made coffee filter butterflies and pom pom caterpillars, and listened to an egg talk with Miss Sarah. They buddied up with another class to make each session more fun.

Spring Fling photos

March PBIS Winners

Lowden Elementary recently recognized the March PBIS winners who have shown respect to self, respect to others, and respect to property. 

Western Melodrama

The North Cedar’s spring play Dastardly Deeds at Yoursin Mine was performed on Saturday, April 8 and on Sunday, April 9. The play started out with a new bad guy in town, Lester Lawless, played by DJ Stull, who was running for sheriff of Chilcoot Pass. Persuading miners Byron Bolen, Shelby Slaton, Marti McAtee, and James Garner, trappers Ethan St.John and Parker Jones, and even the town mayor, James Garner, Lester Lawless got a lot of votes. If it weren’t for the heroes of the play, Homer, played by Brighton Rouse, and Ubiquitus, played by Brady Lehrman, Lester Lawless would not have became sheriff! It was a hilarious melodrama, with heroes falling in love with ladies Fanny Yoursin, played by Erica Jones and Dainty Lumpkin, played by Jasmine Doty and a dog saving the day. The audience was also able to participate in booing the villain and cheering for the heroes.

A special thank you to Toby Hollis for writing this article and to Makayla Schluter for the wonderful photos.

FBLA State Leadership Conference

FBLA members recently participated in the state leadership conference in Coralville. A special thank you goes out to our businesses who contributed $110 and more to our FBLA chapter. North Cedar tied for 4th place in event sponsorships! 

Rock Sorting

Mrs. Weber's first graders at Mechanicsville Elementary recently spent their science class sorting rocks. It was a fun activity for all!

View more photos about the rock sorting activity.
Science For Chickens

There are high pitched peeps coming from Ms. Dispensa’s junior high science room. The students are studying life cycles, so they have an assortment of terrariums, aquariums, and cages. In the back corner is a cage with four different breeds of chicks. 

The junior high students are currently studying milkweed bugs, but they take a very long time to progress through their stages of life, so they thought chickens would be easier and faster to observe. Ms. Dispensa got the chicks from Thiessen's in Tiffin. The first thing on the agenda was to name the chicks. Ms. Dispensa had her class vote on names for the chicks. They decided on Claudia, Twinkie, Hershey, and Bandit. Her classes have been learning about populations and ecosystems this semester. “Every Friday we write one observation per class period for one of our chickens,” comments Ms. Dispensa. There are such drastic changes week to week that students practice making scientific observations while also learning to take care of the chickens and keep them alive,” Ms. Dispensa said. With animals being the main focus of their unit, populations and ecosystems, her classes will get to observe the chickens grow. They will then be writing a lab write up about what each student specifically took away from the ongoing investigation of the chickens.

Some of the students wanted to take the chickens home with them at the end of the year or when they outgrew their cage. With guardian permission, students are on a list to take a chicken home with them! “I like having chicks in the classroom because after we are done with our work then we might get to play with them,” says Jenna Syring, an 8th grader. 

Ms. Dispensa said, “Some students gravitate towards them more than others. I am very surprised how some students have stepped up to either help build an extension of our coop outside of class or volunteered to clean the cage. I am very proud of how well my students have taken on this responsibility and how caring they are for the chickens!”

A special thank you Kayla Paup, freshman yearbook student, for writing this article and to Tracey Dispensa, junior high science teacher, for taking the photos.

Photo: Milo Easterly, 8th grader, is holding Claudia his favorite chick. "I really enjoy the chicks because it shows their everyday life."

St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans

Silly McGilly is a leprechaun that visits preschool every year. We have yet to catch him, but it is not for a lack of trying. The students made amazing traps at home that we set up in the classroom. He left us treats and played tricks on us too. There was a special juice that only children can drink and a warning label that says it will turn an adult’s feet green if they drink it. Well the teachers did not listen, and there were lots of green feet at North Cedar!